Who We Are

Environmental consultant with operational experience.

We will work closely with you to develop and deliver practical environmental solutions to fit your needs. The successful delivery of your project is our priority.

Firstly, we will understand the requirements of your project. We then develop best practice environmental management solutions to ensure the successful completion of your project with minimal fuss. Clear and open communication, as well as our broad experience of operational environmental risks, underpins this process.

Our Vision

At Applied Eco Solutions, our mission is to improve the environmental performance of businesses through practical solutions. For us this means leading by example and implementing environmentally sustainable practices into our business.

We have recently been recognised as a CCIQ ecoBiz Champion with efficiency in energy, water and waste in our business. This is based on a 10% reduction in per-production-unit metrics for energy and water use, and waste production.

Our People

Melanie Dixon – Director and Principal Environmental Consultant

Bachelor of Environmental Management (Sustainable Development) with Honours

With 10 years of operational environmental management experience, Melanie has well rounded skills and practical knowledge of environmental issues. This broad experience comes from working in various industries from infrastructure maintenance, dredging and marine developments, unconventional gas exploration to civil construction.

Melanie has a proven track record of streamlining environmental approval processes, developing and delivering Environmental Management Plans, and auditing environmental performance.

“My primary area of expertise is the practical integration of environmental management into operations. As Principal Environmental Consultant at Applied Eco Solutions, I can streamline the delivery of your project by developing and implementing practical environmental management solutions for your operations.”

Melanie is passionate about working with businesses to identify opportunities to improve their environmental performance. In your business, Melanie can provide environmental advice to ensure regulatory compliance and satisfy your stakeholders while leading to sustainable practices.