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Supporting Future Scientists

Applied Eco Solutions is proud to support the UQ Future Scientist Scholarship program. This new scholarship is designed to provide opportunities to future scientists to study at The University of Queensland who may not otherwise get this chance. This lovely message of appreciation was recorded by a second year UQ science […]

Case Study: Rehabilitation following Blasting

Last year, Applied Eco Solutions provided environmental management support for steel tower refurbishment operations in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. The towers were located adjacent to houses, swimming pools and rainwater tanks. As well as running parallel to Bulimba Creek for sections of the line. The project ran for approximately […]

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Standard Update

As I have recently completed the ISO 14001:2015 transition course, I thought I would share my understanding of the changes to this Standard. This is good timing as certified companies have one more year, until March 2018, to get their systems recertified prior to the end of the transition period. Updates […]

Christmas Cards Another Relic of Social Media?

There are only nine days to Christmas and I still have not received one Christmas card. Now I must admit that I have been a pretty slack myself this year and have only sent a handful of Christmas cards. So why don’t we send Christmas cards anymore? In our technology based […]

Green Christmas Ideas

It is the Festive Season It is the time of the year for sharing time with family and friends, enjoying good food and drink, and exchanging gifts. During the festival season, there are also many great opportunities to make greener choices. My Tips for a Green Christmas (and I don’t […]

Maintenance – New Scope for Environmental Management?

Most of the environmental management operations in Australia over the last decade have been based on greenfield developments. This has been across a wide variety of areas; from new mines to construction of major infrastructure to housing developments. Environmental management has been focused on project planning and managing impacts of projects during […]

Award from the Environment Minister

As per my recent blog, Applied Eco Solutions has been participating in CCIQ’s ecoBiz program for the last 18 months. Following tracking energy use and implementing reduction measures, we recently gained ecoBiz 1 Star Partnership. This was based on a 10% reduction in energy use per production unit. During last month’s […]

ecoBiz 1 Star Partnership Recognition

As part of the building the business values of Applied Eco Solutions, owner Melanie Dixon has been participating in CCIQ’s ecoBiz program. This Queensland Government initiative encourages business to track their energy, water and waste and identify opportunities for improvement. As stated on the website, “CCIQ ecoBiz is a fully-subsidised […]

Case Study: In house Environmental Services

As a Project Manager, have you been faced with a short term skill shortage? With poor support from HR, this is another thing to add to your list to get organised? Did I hear you say you need assistance with environmental services? We may be able to help you. I […]

Tips for Environmental Checklists

I have worked in companies that have a checklist for all occasions. Saying that there was a checklist guide to make sure that all checklists were filled out may be a slight exaggeration although it wasn’t that far off. Although the variety and quantity of checklists may not be lacking […]