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New Biosecurity Requirements in Queensland

The obligations of Queensland’s Biosecurity Act 2014 commenced on 1st July 2016. This new Act and Biosecurity Regulation 2016 provides a modern, risk-based approach to biosecurity in Queensland. Overview video here: So what has changed? The main change under this legislation is the introduction of a general biosecurity obligation. […]

Ant Plant Adaptations

I am not a botanist, however even I think these plant’s adaptations are interesting. Myrmecophyte, literally meaning “ant plant”, is a plant that lives in a mutualistic association with a colony of ants. The plants provide ants with food and/or shelter through structural adaptations. These specialised structures include internal cavities for […]

Preparing a Site Based Environmental Induction

I am going to suggest that preparing and delivering a site based environmental induction takes specific skills and knowledge. It may seem like a fairly simple process however many people get it wrong or miss the point. Most environmental inductions are too long, not interactive and generally not understood by […]

Case Study: Abrasive Blasting for Infrastructure Maintenance

Applied Eco Solutions has been providing site based environmental support during maintenance of transmission towers. Maintenance of the steel towers requires abrasive blasting to remove rust then repainting. This refurbishment will extend the life of the towers by 20 years or more. Abrasive Blasting – Notifiable Activity Under the Environmental Protection […]

Environmental Audits – Not to be Dreaded

Over the last 10 years, I have been involved in many environmental audits. From review and certification of Environmental Management Systems to compliance with licence requirements, and client specifications. The reaction to an upcoming audit is always quite different. Although for most managers there is a lingering dread. Environmental audits should not […]

Climate Change: We have enough information so why is there limited action?

When I think back 15 years ago when I started University, climate change was a relatively emerging topic. Actually when I think about it, some students presented assignments on the potential impacts of climate change as a new and emerging topic. Today I think we can agree that the accelerated […]

We feature on CCIQ Website

CCIQ have published a great article regarding our business on their website. “Applied Eco Solutions, a Brisbane southside specialist environmental consultancy, has joined the CCIQ small business family.” My three tips for business success are: Review (or set-up) processes in your business: It doesn’t matter the size of your business, […]

We are an ecoBizness

Applied Eco Solutions is officially an ecoBizness! We are a proud participant in the CCIQ ecoBiz program. “CCIQ ecoBiz is a fully-subsidised program that helps businesses save thousands of dollars across their power, water and waste bills. Through ecoBiz, businesses put sustainable ideas into practice.” Through this program, I have […]

Loss of Environmental Credibility?

Lately I have been looking at many websites a bit closer. It is almost an addiction. I can’t just navigate around a website, I have to critique the layout, useability, content… This is because I am currently building my own website so I am taking a lot more notice of […]

People You Meet Along the Business Path

Before I started my own business, and let’s be honest getting started is the hardest part, I had a few expectations of what it would be like to run a business. Some expectations were very positive and inspirational, such as choosing to work with my ideal clients and being able […]