Case Study: In house Environmental Services

As a Project Manager, have you been faced with a short term skill shortage? With poor support from HR, this is another thing to add to your list to get organised?

Did I hear you say you need assistance with environmental services? We may be able to help you. I will give you an example.

Recently, there was a gap between the time when the permanent Environmental Advisor was available due to completing one project and the start of the next project. Applied Eco Solutions was able to assist to fill this gap.

With a broad range of operational experience, Melanie Dixon was able to easily fit into this Environmental Advisor position. This role included writing site based management plans for the refit of steel transmission towers. Also communicating with local residents and monitoring of abrasive blasting operations in the field.

Melanie was a great fit for the operational team and quickly picked up the internal systems of the company. This meant that when there was a need for an Environmental Advisor on the next project, she was able to easily step into the role and provide assistance.

Our low overheads business model means that Applied Eco Solutions can provide very cost effective environmental services for your project.

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