Christmas Cards Another Relic of Social Media?

There are only nine days to Christmas and I still have not received one Christmas card.

Now I must admit that I have been a pretty slack myself this year and have only sent a handful of Christmas cards.

So why don’t we send Christmas cards anymore?

In our technology based socially connected world, most of us will now send a Facebook message or Instagram snap to wish our friends and family a happy holiday season. Some lucky people might even get a text message or phone call.

Does it take too long to go out and buy Christmas cards, write a message, find postal addresses and post them off? Previously, I would never even buy Christmas cards. It would take me many evenings to make and write long messages in personalised cards every year. Hopefully the joy in receiving these cards and messages was as well received as the amount of effort that I put into them.

Are we missing out?

Maybe not. We are all so highly connected through our digital world. We can share a summary of our year on Facebook so there is no need to write the yearly events summary letter to add to a card. Through the festival season we will share drunken end of work celebration photos, see videos of our friend’s kids testing out their Christmas toys and toast each other as we bring in the new year.

On an environmental side, we are saving paper – do you keep that pile of cards at the end of each year? And saving on fuel for transport and delivery of the cards.

However there is something nice about going to your letterbox to check for mail and at Christmas time there might be something other than junk mail. Then opening an envelope, reading a message in a card and then hanging the cards on the those special string-of-peg things until the end of the year.

I certainly hope that you do not think that I am a Grinch. I really do enjoy the Christmas season. Rather this is an observation that although we all may feel more connected through social media, the personal touch of connection may have been lost.

So to all that read this message, I personally wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year (through my blog!).

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