Environmental Management Documents

Are you looking for an environmental management plan to support your upcoming operations? Do you need environmental procedures to clarify your processes during your operations? Are you looking at ways to improve your environmental performance?

We are here to help.

We can provide you with practical processes to identify, control and track the environmental risks of your project. Applied Eco Solutions can develop environmental procedures, monitoring and auditing programs, and incident investigation and reporting processes for your project.

Our Experience

  • Review of environmental management documents
  • Developing and update of environmental management plans and procedures
  • Integration with other management documents including health and safety
  • Environmental monitoring and auditing
  • Environmental incident investigation and reporting
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement

Case Study: Rail Infrastructure Upgrades

Developing all of the environmental documents for your project in alignment with the requirements of the client or regulator can be tedious. Our experience in developing and implementing environmental documents means that this can be taken off your To Do list.

For a rail project in NSW, we developed the Construction Environmental Management Plans and Sub-plans for the station upgrade operations. We developed these plans in accordance with the mitigation measures from the Review of Environment Factors and section 60 heritage approval. The aspects covered in the management plans included air quality, hazardous materials, flora and fauna, heritage, waste, traffic, noise and vibration, and sustainability.