Operational Environmental Management

Are you about to commence a project and are looking for assistance with your environmental requirements? Or do you need to develop Environmental Management Plans for construction?

We are here to help.

We can develop environmental management plans in consultation with the client or regulator for your operations. Applied Eco Solutions can develop environmental controls that can be easily implemented into your project. We can also develop processes to minimise your environmental risks during operations.

Our experience

  • Developing Construction Environmental Management Plans and Sub-plans
  • Identifying practical mitigation measures for waste, erosion and sedimentation, dust, weeds and hazardous substances
  • Scoping and developing supporting documents and registers
  • Developing and delivery of inductions and training
  • Onsite delivery of environmental monitoring and management of operations

Case Study: Infrastructure Maintenance

Determining all of the environmental requirements for your project may not be your area of expertise. Our operational experience and understanding of environmental regulations means that we can provide you with practical advice and support.

For transmission line refurbishment projects in Queensland, we developed Site Based Management Plans for blasting and painting operations. We provided field monitoring and management support during the operations to prevent disturbance of the surrounding sensitive areas which included the Wet Tropics World Heritage area and residential properties. The project was successfully delivered with minimal impact on the environment or other sensitive properties.