Environmental Planning and Approvals

Are you are planning an upcoming project and looking for advice regarding the environmental approvals required? Or do you need to change your operations and you would like to confirm the changes to your existing approvals and permits?

We are here to help.

We can assist you identify your environmental risks and regulatory requirements, and set realistic timelines for delivery of environmental approvals for your project.

Our Experience

  • Scoping environmental approval requirements
  • Environmental planning for approvals with regards to operational timelines
  • Developing documents and submission to relevant regulators
  • Leading risk identification and assessment workshops
  • Developing operationally practical mitigation and management measures
  • Assisting with amendments to environmental licences and permits

Case Study: Unconventional Energy

Ensuring that you have all of the environmental approvals for your project can be confusing and time consuming. We have successfully implemented processes to streamline environmental approval requirements to take the pain out of approvals.

In the unconventional energy industry, we successfully built strong relationships with the regulator, interested parties and operational managers to ensure the timely delivery of approvals for exploration projects. These approvals were developed under the requirements of the new regulations and guidelines, and were delivered to coordinate with the timing of the project.